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I just finished reading Finale! (SPOILERS!)


Dante is really the bad guy:

Marcie (the entire book):


like always, my husband is the best.

Nora being all badass:

Vee is a Nephilim:

Vee & Scott cuteness:

Marcie burns all of the Fallen Angel’s feathers:

Rixon comes back:

oh but it gets worse.

Scott dies saving Nora’s life:

Nora kills Dante:

Detective Basso is an archangel:

Patch comes back:

Nora & Patch swear an oath and PATCH CAN FEEL THINGS NOW:

3 years later and Vee is getting married:

Patch & Nora have a happy ending:


348 notes

—…Date la vuelta. Estoy en pijama.
—Soy un hombre. Eso es como decirle a un niño que no mire un mostrador de caramelos.
Nora y Scott. (via alejausmile)