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It's Okay


“It’s okay if you lie about me,” I whispered. “In fact, I like it.”

“You like it?”

I pulled her closer and kissed her hair once more, still marveling at the fact that she was in bed next to me at all. We had moved from exaltation to exhaustion more times than I could count and our bodies were…

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Ed Sheeran on his tattoos

Are you worried about what you're gonna look like when you're like 80? When it's all wrinkly?
Yeah but like my granddad doesnt get his arms out at all, he always wears a jumper. If I live to 80 that is. I think it will be quite nice to like have a grandkid that just stares at your arm and goes "what's that, what's that, what's that, when was this, when was that"; I think thats kinda cool. It's like having a photo album I guess.